About Jessgrove Ltd

Established in 1983, the Jessgrove Group has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of lining fabrics in Europe.  It supplies some of the leading European retail names in the apparel sector, such as Burberry, Esprit, Paul Smith, S.Oliver, Ted Baker and many others, including independent tailors.

From humble origins, Jessgrove has grown by focussing relentlessly on the needs of our immediate customers, the garment manufacturers, the fashion retail chains and the ultimate end customers. When this focus has required major investments in facilities, we have not hesitated to make those investments.

In the 1990s, for example, we saw much of the traditional garment sector in the UK relocate to Central and Eastern Europe; so we established a presence in the Czech Republic in 1998, by 2002 we established a new 3,000 square metre warehouse facility designed to ensure quick and efficient distribution of our products.

In 2000, we helped our partner company, Toray Textiles Central Europe, establish a state-of-the-art Polyester lining manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic.

In 2003, we saw the worrying demise of the lining manufacturing base in the UK and Europe, so we invested in a manufacturing company in Lithuania, which now supplies many of our key products.

In 2007, we saw the rapid movement of garment making to China, so, along with a German partner, we set up a joint venture in Shanghai to service our customers’ need for quality linings in China.

The Jessgrove Group is headquartered in Bradford, England, and has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, France and Austria and now Turkey, there are plans for further expansion in other key European markets.

The Group’s success is based on focus and staying flexible in a fast-changing world market.  Because of the investments made over the past decade, Jessgrove is confident of further growth and success in new markets. 


Liningas - Lithuania

Liningas is a fully vertical unit for the production of all cellulosic items which include Acetate, Viscose, Poly/Viscose, and mixtures. We warp, weave, dye and finish all our articles. Acetate yarn is also produced on site – a big factor in today's situation where yarn supply is becoming extremely difficult on all types. It has a production capacity of 25 million metres which can readily be expanded to meet future growth. Liningas produces a full spectrum of articles, including Jacquards – and produces a whole series of famous names and logos for the industry.




Toray Textiles Central Europe (TTCE) – Czech Republic

Our polyester production is produced here in this state of the art factory. We have typical levels of perfection expected of a famous Japanese company, Toray. Costing $48m and employing over 300 people they provide a high quality of service.




Jessgrove Central Europe Distribution Centre - Czech Republic

Situated in the centre of Europe and a short distance from the Toray production plant, this state of the art modern warehouse was constructed in 2002 with a view to the expansion of the EC. Designed to carry up to four million metres, it provides a quick and efficient service to customers throughout Eastern and Western Europe including Turkey.



Jessgrove headquarters – Bradford, UK

The Jessgrove headquarters offers large warehousing space and houses the majority of the Jessgrove team, delivering textiles throughout Europe. As the company has expanded, so has the need for more warehousing space, we now occupy three warehouses covering more than 1900 square metres.

We also have warehouses in France, Turkey, Austria, UK and the Czech Republic – our main distribution centre.