Our brand and reputation derive from the provision of high quality lining products combined with an efficient service. 

The emphasis is on quality and consistency: from yarn and weaving through to dyeing and finishing. Quality control records are kept at our production sites and in our in-house laboratory.

With seven million metres of stock stored in our main warehouse facilities in Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Turkey and France, we are able to offer same-day despatch in many cases.  Furthermore, 90% of our production is from European manufacturers, allowing quick turnaround times in almost all cases.


Fibre Types

We offer linings made from luxurious cupro through to durable polyester.

– Linings from polyester are durable and relatively affordable. We offer a very wide range of different polyester linings, from simple plain weaves to ones with stretch qualities and ‘luxury touch’ finishing.  Knitted polyester linings are also available.

–  Acetate is derived from natural sources, and so linings made from acetate are comfortable to wear, with good ‘breathability’, as well as a ‘sheen’ that makes them particularly suitable for ladies’ garments.   

– Made from cellulose, viscose is an upper end lining suitable for both ladies and menswear.   It has excellent ‘breathability’, is durable and ‘cool’ to the touch. We work closely with specialist yarn manufacturer, Enka GmbH, to ensure that the cellulose used in viscose production is from sustainable, harvested, sources.

– Derived from cotton linter, cupro is the manmade fibre nearest to silk.  Linings made from this fibre are very soft to the touch, slippery and comfortable to wear.

All of the above fibres are woven in many different ways, to produce different effects and for different end uses, such as body linings, sleeve linings and knee linings.  Furthermore, different fibres are often combined to form ‘mixes’, acetate and viscose going together particularly well to produce ‘changeant’ or ‘two-tone’ effects.  



Jessgrove's range of knitted linings is made up of warp and circular knits made from standard and micro yarns. These include our bestselling 'Toulouse' and 'Micro Toulouse' as well as our single and double knit 'slinky jersey' linings.

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K403 Knitted Polyester Range


K600 Knitted Polyester Range


KM120 Knitted Polyester Micro